Solar energy is the most abundant and cleanest renewable source of energy available. Taking advantage of the solar energy benefits for powering your business or business will not only cut down your electric bills, but your carbon footprint too. Like other renewable power sources, such as wind, solar energy is far better and safer for the future of earth than traditional energy sources like oil, coal and gas. If you are thinking about using solar power for your home or business, it is worth taking some minutes to consider the following main benefits of solar energy for the environment: 

Solar is Carbon Free

In 2013, an estimated 5,550 million metric tons of carbon dioxide were released in the US from energy related sources. Continued use of fossil fuels results in high levels of CO2 and air pollution. CO2 emissions greatly impact climate change and air pollution brings about harmful health problems. Carbon dioxide has a dreadful result on our environment by increasing ecological damage, altering weather patterns and raising sea levels.

Solar energy on the other hand, generates little to no carbon dioxide emissions. As a matter of fact, as more businesses and homes switch to solar power, we can collectively play a very important role of curtailing the harmful effects of CO2 emissions and pollution.

A Low-Impact and Safe Energy Source

Sunlight is easily accessible and free unlike fossil fuels that need to be mined, transported, and extracted. These processes carry the risk of catastrophes such as oil spills and cause serious ecological and land degradation. Solar energy is also easy on land and water use as well as other environmental impacts. It uses 85% to 90% less water compared with coal electricity. It also uses 85% less land. Solar electricity is 94% lower in toxicity to the environment, causes 95% to 98% less acid rain, and 94% to 97% less marine eutrophication. 

Solar Power is Renewable 

Renewable energy is generated from sources that are practically never-ending. Sources of renewable energy include geothermal, solar, water, wind and bioenergy. With renewable sources of energy, we don’t have to get concerned about losing the sun, or running out of wind someday. These energy sources are never going to deplete— and if we lose our sun, we will have bigger things than electricity to worry about. 

Using renewable energy sources such as solar, your electricity generation doesn’t take away anything from the environment contrary to fossil fuels that are limited and known to cause harm to the environment when used. The sun shine forever whether we it for solar energy or not, and that makes it a very important source of renewable energy that is totally different from non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels.